Why What We do is Important: On Accessibility

Accessibility is a term that is often associated with helping people with disability access the world of those who may not have challenges. The term really bridges these two populations together by allowing a language and design that allows navigation to occur between all persons. AbiliTrek’s mission is to assist businesses and universities with creating a more accessible and inclusive environment by being a voice behind disability advocacy and awareness that will allow everyone to receive equal access and opportunity.

There are so many ways already that help communicate a destination’s accessibility, such as the blue access button on doors to public places that allow people in wheelchairs to get in and out, closed captioning on television sets that allow those who are hard-of-hearing or deaf to join in on the viewing, and counters and service windows that are low enough for everyone to reach, including people in wheelchairs. These different configurations of space allow ease when those who may not have a disability need to engage with those who do have a disability.

Just like the sight of the blue button for wheelchair users is familiar because we may have had our hands full and been in moments of needing assistance ourselves, we need to remember that those types of services are a communication bridge between those who do and don’t have a disability. Mindfulness of all people is something that these symbols and functions that have been integrated into the public sphere have allowed to occur in a way that is convenient and effortless for everyone!