Third Planet, Our First ACP Member

The City of Bellingham desires to be a sustainable and inclusive community, but reaching such status may not be as easy as one may think. Being sustainable and inclusive naturally mean that they, the terms themselves, are applicable to all walks of life, including people with disabilities.

Third Planet has taken the initiative to voice that they are an ally of the disability community. On Thursday, June 20, 2019, Third Planet was the first local business to be presented with the official Accessibility Certification Program decal. This means that Third Planet is not only physical accessible to the disability community but they are presenting themselves as a business that is dedicated to being socially accessible and welcoming as well.  

Kyann, Daman, Oliver and Erika in a photo together. Kyann is sitting in her manual wheelchair in the front left of the photo and Oliver is standing behind Kyann. Daman is sitting in his power wheelchair to the right of Kyann, in the front right. Erika is standing behind Daman and is holding the ACP decal. They are all smiling.
Kyann and Daman with Oliver and Erika, two of Third Planet’s employees.

Currently, there is not much data on where it is and is not accessible to the disability community. It is disheartening to arrive at a location and discover that it is not accessible. Even if the location appears to be accessible from the curb, it may not be once inside. This is where our Accessibility Certification Program comes into play. Certification is backed with a window decal and indication on our Search & Review platform to convey to the public that the business meets or exceeds our criteria for accessibility and inclusion.

Join us and Sustainable Connections on July 2, 11:45 am to 1:15 pm at the Community Food Co-Op Community Room to know how you can be a part of making Bellingham accessible to all.

A photo of the ACP decal with green leaves behind it. The ACP decal is a vertical, rectangular window decal. At the top in light blue lettering reads, "We're a proud disability ally." The "We're a proud" is written out in typical fashion while "disability ally" is written out in capital letters. Under that is the AbiliTrek logo, the light blue, wheelchair, stick-figure symbol with a lime green word for a wheel. Under the AbiliTrek logo reads, "Create an accessible word," in light blue lettering. Under that, i spelled out in light blue as well.
The ACP decal