Our Year in Review

AbiliTrek has had a roller-coaster of a year. With start-up life, comes highs and lows, exciting and where-will-we-be-in-two-months moments. But we are still here looking ahead to the new year. 

So what have we been up to and where are we planning to go?


Consulting has been our main niche this past year; from web accessibility audits to Disability Etiquette Trainings, we have helped so many businesses become more accessible. 

2019 began and we hit the ground running with multiple web accessibility consulting projects. We continued to work on our marketing and outreach with the intent of getting our name out there and September was the best month in the history of the company.


In July, we launched our Accessibility Certification Program (ACP) in partnership with Sustainable Connections. Our ACP brings together our Consulting and our Search and Review platform. We offer an annual ACP membership and accessibility indicator to local businesses here in Bellingham. Accessible businesses are sustainable and provide equal opportunity for all.

Speaking Engagements

We were also honored to speak at multiple events throughout the year. Kyann spoke about accessible travel at AbiliCon 2019. AbiliTrek was also invited to share at the Washington Hospitality Annual Conference about how accessibility is a part of hospitality. Towards the end of the year, we presented a webinar for Washington Non-profits about how to make a non-profit accessible with the hopes of creating a webinar series.

Team Changes

Tripp moved back to the Bay area; we are missing our Director of Operations. Travis moved as well; although, he is continuing to work his magic as an IT Accessibility Consultant. Luke, who interned for us this past summer, took over Travis’ role at AbiliTrek. We have also had multiple interns rotate through on a quarterly basis as well as a blogger for a short time and working with some incredible MBA students at Western Washington University.

Company Forcast 

This past fall, we pitched two ideas to teams of Western Washington University Computer Science students. We currently are working with two teams. One the, Mobile App Team, is helping us build our Search and Review Platform into both iOS and Android Apps. Another team is the AI Team, who is looking at the feasibility of incorporating AI into our Search and Review platform. Our end goal is to allow users to take a picture of a proposed object and the computer will automatically evaluate that photo and input the data that was computed into the Search and Review database. In 2019, AbiliTrek was given Azure credits from a Microsoft Grant which the AI Team will utilize to further their project.

On top of our two projects, we have filed for our 501(c)3 non-profit status. AbiliTrek will continue to pursue the same mission and vision but over the past couple of years, a business model has not proven to be the best structure for AbiliTrek and we have decided that becoming a non-profit is a better avenue achieve the biggest impact possible.

Happy New Year from the AbiliTrek Team!