Meet Olivia, our Community Manager

AniliTrek would like to welcome Olivia Hall to our team! She is our Community Manager!

Introducing Olivia

Olivia is from Seattle, Washington. Her primary hobbies include archery, traveling and dancing. However, she expresses, ‘if you whip out any board or card game, then I will join in a heartbeat, so you may not want to have cribbage or Catan laying around!” As a student in her final year at Western Washington University (WWU), Olivia is pursuing a degree in communication studies with a double minor in entrepreneurship and sociology.

In September, Olivia and five of her fellow entrepreneurship and innovation classmates were invited to work with AbiliTrek for the entirety of fall quarter. During this time, they were able to expand their entrepreneurial skills, with the help of Tripp Maratto, while also strengthening their understanding of AbiliTrek and our mission of helping people trek without boundaries. At the end of the quarter, Tripp presented the six students with the opportunity to continue working with AbiliTrek as interns, and just like Amy, Olivia could not resist!

Olivia is extremely proud of her membership and commitment to WWU’s IDEA Institute. Through this program, Olivia has gained a certification of entrepreneurship and innovation in Costa Rica. She has also learned about empathy, strengthened her emotional and social intelligence, as well as learned about what it means to be a true team member. Furthermore, Olivia plans on getting her M.B.A once she graduates from WWU. She will then pursue her long-time goal of management consulting. For the time being, Olivia is reaching for every opportunity that comes her way and continues her eagerness to learn.

Welcome, Olivia! We are so excited to have you on our team and are looking forward to working with you this quarter!