Disability Etiquette Training

Customer Service

Customer Service is the face of your company and affects customer retention. Your staff should have the capability to interact with the disability community to not only retain these customers but boost your market base as well. Book your training now to improve your Customer Service team!  

“Having AbiliTrek present to our all staff meeting this Spring I marveled at the engagement of our staff. […] It was a memorable meeting and we all walked away with a deeper understanding and wiliness to make changes in both our personal and professional lives. A fresh new commitment to Welcome All to Boundary with Access and Understanding. Thanks AbiliTrek!”

Training testimonial from Janet Lightner, General Manager, Boundary Bay Brewery


Leadership is the core and decision makers of your organization. Your leadership needs to be prepared with best practices that will be inclusive to the disability community. Not understanding the diverse disability community can negatively impact your company, even with the best intentions. This can lead to the exclusion of the disability community, the third largest market in the US. Get the information you need with AbiliTrek.

Kyann speaking into a microphone against a black background.
Kyann giving a presentation


Increase Your Market

Customer service that is aware and respectful shows your customers that their business is welcome. Excellent, aware customer service can also help your business spread by word of mouth.

Know the Law

Accessibility is a right, protected by the ADA. That includes not only the physical location, but also how your customers are treated.

Protect Your Business

Understanding how to handle business from customers with disabilities can prevent lawsuits.

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