Traveling with a Traumatic Brain Injury

The term “traumatic brain injury” can be misinterpreted. Sometimes the trauma is caused by something that was truly traumatic to the person. But sometimes it is an aftermath of something that happened over a prolonged amount of time. When mentioned, it shapes the way that people interact with the individual. For example, I have hydrocephalus… Continue Reading Traveling with a Traumatic Brain Injury

Behind the Chair

Behind the Connection A couple months back Kyann, our Chief Accessibility Officer, had the opportunity to be Interviewed about AbilTrek on Behind the Chair, a radio show based out of Florida. This was not the first time Kyann had been interviewed on Behind the Chair, as Co-host Kat Magnoli and Kyann became friends at the… Continue Reading Behind the Chair

Olivia’s Travels

Taylor, AbiliTrek’s newest Marketing and Communications Intern, has a passion for disability advocacy. Her sister, Olivia, is eighteen years old; she is currently finishing up her senior year at Snohomish high school and has the intention to pursue a four-year degree at Western Washington University. Olivia was born with Achondroplasia Dwarfism and has thus far… Continue Reading Olivia’s Travels

“Do Life”

Kenny Salvini tells of the time he sat in a circle of seven quadriplegics and how it was a pivotal moment in his recovery journey. This moment of these seven sharing their raw, personal experiences with one another, sparking a desire in Kenny to begin the transition from being trapped in the despair that a spinal… Continue Reading “Do Life”

Botany and Beer: The Story of One Man’s Trails to Healing

Even though Ian Mackay is a native of California, there is no doubt that he fits perfectly in the Pacific Northwest where he now lives. Ian is passionate about nature and he is also a beer enthusiast. This is a perfect combination for exploring the great outdoors with the goal of making it accessible for… Continue Reading Botany and Beer: The Story of One Man’s Trails to Healing