About Us

Our Mission

To assist organizations with creating a more accessible and inclusive environment where everyone receives access and an equal opportunity.

Our History

Daman’s TEDx Talk

Daman started AbiliTrek in response to his own experiences when traveling with Cerebral Palsy and decided to put his dream of revolutionizing the travel industry experience for people with disabilities to the test in Bellingham’s 2016 54-Hour Startup Challenge. AbiliTrek won the challenge and that set his idea into motion.

AbiliTrek began as a hotel booking service optimized for travelers with disabilities, but at the beginning of 2018, we began a transformation of our platform and company to greatly expand the breadth of businesses and the depth of accessibility knowledge it would support. 

AbiliTrek Today

Search and Review

AbiliTrek provides a platform for the disability community to rate and review the accessibility of any establishment — and can tailor search results to the specific needs of any individual. This service not only allows people to find accessible hotels, but also restaurants, shops, and even golf courses… almost any place someone can trek (locally or afar). As people make more reviews, the platform will grow into a wealth of knowledge so travelers with disabilities can find businesses which are — and are not — accessible to them.


Our customized consulting process reflects that accessible is not “one size fits all.” What one business needs to be accessible to the most amount of people may be different than what another business may need. We provide the knowledge necessary for businesses to be more inclusive and accessible to all people.
AbiliTrek offers consulting services in the areas of:

  • Website and App
  • Accessibility Certification
  • Disability Etiquette Training
  • Onsite Accessibility
  • Inclusive Marketing

Founder and CEO Daman Wandke

Daman Wandke, AbiliTrek founder, onstage at his Ted X talk.

Daman Wandke began AbiliTrek in 2016 after experiencing many barriers in his travels. Daman has had ten years of experience in the public and private sector and has worked with multinational corporations as well. On top of his work at AbiliTrek, Daman spends his time educating the public on disability related topics. He has done many speaking engagements, including a TEDx, a TAG talk, and sat on panels at Western Washington University and Small Business Association events.

Our Team

Daman smiling, wearing a gray sweater with a black collar.

Daman Wandke
CEO, Founder, & Lead Accessibility Consultant

Daman concentrates on the areas of IT accessibility & speaking engagements (TEDx, TAG, WWU, SBA panels). With nine years in the public & private sector working with multinational corporations, he empowers others to trek without boundaries. 

Travis Heller smiles in front of some trees in a blue shirt.

Travis Heller
Director of Technology

Travis concentrates on the areas of web development and accessibility testing and remediation. With multiple years of professional software development experience, he is making the web accessible for everybody.

Luke Wetherbee
Lead Development Intern

Luke is a Computer Science student at Western entering his senior year. He works on AbiliTrek’s web services when not fetching coffee for the rest of the team.

Kyann smiles at the camera in a dark blouse.

Kyann Flint
Director of Accessibility & Communications

Kyann concentrates on the areas of onsite accessibility, training & speaking engagements. With six years of experience teaching disability education and Ms. Wheelchair WA – 2017 she is defying the Defined Disability.

Tripp smirks at the camera in a light blue button-up shirt.

Tripp Marotto
Business Development Specialist

Tripp works with potential clients to determine how we can meet their unique needs.