About Our Small Business Consulting

As a small business owner, is a welcoming environment for your consumers important to you? Have you ever thought about how accessibility plays into the environment of your business? It may surprise you that accessibility is a factor in how welcoming your business is to people with disabilities.

The Disability Market     

The disability community makes up 20% of the US population, and as the baby boomer generation ages, the disability community is expected to grow. People over age 65 also possess 70% of the consumable wealth. This shows that the disability community has and will continue to have money to spend, but they will not be able to do so if the market is not accessible to them.

When it comes to accessibility and the market, every business owner should be evaluating how accessible they really are to ensure a strong market base now and into the future. However, one must remember that accessibility is not “one size fits all”; there is a broad spectrum of what accessible is for our diverse population.

Our Services

We at AbiliTrek offer unique services to help respond to the market by improving accessibility and promoting a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities. We are a broadly focused consulting practice that utilizes our unique perspective based on our life-long accessibility experiences as travelers and customers with disabilities. We welcome the opportunity to become your specialists in assisting you in adhering to ADA laws, avoiding predatory lawsuits, and helping you create an inclusive business through an accessible onsite location and the environment portrayed by your staff.

Onsite Accessibility

Accessibility of your business’ onsite location is a great place to start and we are prepared to assist you in knowing what will make your location more accessible and therefore welcoming to all. We will personally assess the accessibility of onsite locations based off of criteria created with four–often overlapping–general types of disabilities in mind. Mobility, Dexterity, Low Vision/Blindness and Hard of Hearing/Deafness are all general types of disabilities around which we have built our assessment process. We are capable of providing guidance on how to ensure accessibility to anyone with one of these four disabilities.

Perks to You! 

There are some perks that come along with making your business more physically accessible. Did you know as a small business you could earn a tax credit as well as a deduction for removing barriers like narrow doors, restroom inaccessibility and making menus available in accessible formats? Learn more about how your business can benefit from updating your accessibility while improving your market base at the same time!

More Services for You

Accessibility is more than just a ramp; accessibility can include the treatment of customers. AbiliTrek offers workshops and training to ensure an inclusive environment. Does your staff know the best practices for a positive customer experience?  If not, we can help you out with this as well! We have a rich knowledge that we would love to share with you and your business!

Let us know how we can help you with how to make your business accessible to all to ensure a welcoming environment that will provide a solid market base.