Microsoft is Answering the Call

On Sunday, a Microsoft commercial aired during the Super Bowl and a similar commercial debuted back during the holiday season. These commercials are both marketing the Adaptive Controller so that people with limited manual dexterity can game too. “When everybody plays, we all win”, a phrase coined by Microsoft which certainly holds much truth to it. When inclusion occurs, everyone is welcome and has an equal opportunity just like any other; no one is left out or behind.

The Holiday Commercial can be found here.

The Super Bowl Sunday commercial can be found here.

The Inclusion Revolution

A global campaign has recently been launched that is having businesses commit to adding disability to their agenda. This will be beneficial to not only the disability community but to the businesses as well. The disability community is a large, untapped market that is ready for the long-overdue inclusion and recognition that people with disabilities are an equally valuable part of their communities.

Find out more about the  campaign here.

Microsoft has signed on to this campaign; they have caught on to the fact that people with disabilities are a valuable part of the market and that there is a need for inclusive products so that people with disabilities can participate in their communities just like everyone else. The Adaptive Controller allows everyone to play together.

The inclusion revolution is on the horizon. Ensure that your business is not left behind by making your facilities, products, and websites accessible to all. This is why we at AbiliTrek do what we do! We are here to help. Check out our consulting capabilities. We would love to help you increase your inclusivity and market base as well.